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Group One"Two messages have stayed with me through all my days during the last ten years: 'We live in a world of abundance, not scarcity' and 'Every mistake is a great opportunity'."
- LW


Group Two"Transformation happens little by little over a long time.  Through your love and care for others you have touched many lives."
- MW


Group Three"David's engaging approach to the B&Y seminars really improved the way I see not only my business, but myself."
- BK


Group Four"Thank you for inspirational teaching. Among other things, you encouraged me to believe that even the most dreadful performers may have much to contribute perhaps even the most."
- JW


Group Five"This man played games with my mind for 3 whole days. This man made me cry like a baby. This man made me embrace and love complete strangers. This man kept me up all night and would not let me sleep until I broke down in tears."
 - DR

Taiwan GroupA Decade in Taiwan
We just celebrated our decade anniversary of visiting Taiwan. We visited for a 3-day B&Y. We had an exciting bunch of people.


Group SixAfrica
After coming back from an exciting time in Kenya, Africa, we're determined to see if we can improve enrollment and broaden our impact there possibly next year.


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