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Three Days in the Working Game

The Working Game is an intensive experience, so if you make the decision to attend, be prepared to stretch. If you have a desire to learn, in the three short days you will walk away with a powerful toolset to help you realize your full potential.

Fear not. We're not talking about three days of lectures. The Working Game involves a series of smaller games, out of which patterns emerge relating to life and work. These highly charged experiences, played against a background of proper theory, can lead to profound understanding.

Day 1

The power of intention and desire, courage, responsibility, trust, adding value, learning vs. knowing, patterns, the speech acts, mistakes, creation of wealth.

Day 2

Purpose, moods and emotions, alignment, the learning organization, toxic automatic routines, observations and assessments, speaking skillfully, relationships.

Day 3

Abundance, values, and life beyond survival in the new millennium, learning to learn, learning to relate and choose your future today.


Business and You Schedule

Warsaw, Poland October 21-23, 2016





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