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Is Business Really Good For You?

Making money in business is about effectiveness. Increasing your effectiveness in business is what Business & You, The Working Game is all about. In three full days you will learn a practical and tested set of operating principles to make business ( and you ) better. You will also practice the skill sets needed for you to actualize these principles in everyday life.

How Could I Become More Effective?

Become a learner. Learn how to focus your desire on a vision important to you. Learn how to ask for what you want. Practice making honorable complaints when you don't get what you've been promised. Learn how to build relationships that lead to more effective teamwork in business and at home. The Working Game shows you how to get the power behind these words working for you.

A Fuller Understanding

The global concepts studied in The Working Game are largely based on the principles of R. Buckminster Fuller. Dubbed by Time Magazine "the planet's friendly genius," Bucky Fuller was an inventor and designer who, among many things, created the Geodesic Dome, coined the term "Spaceship Earth" and developed the concept of synergy.

The Working Game grew out of an evolutionary seminar created over 15 years ago by Marshall Thurber, a student of Fuller. With over 30,000 graduates worldwide, it continues to expand. In The Working Game, Fuller's visionary philosophy is brought to life through the practical application of concepts of Georgi Lozanov (Superlearning), Edward de Bono (Lateral Thinking), W. Edwards Deming (Quality), and in particular Fred Kofman.

Dr. Kofman is president of Leading Learning Communities, which was originally a joint venture between MIT's Organizational Learning Center and EDS. After leaving MIT, Kofman has consulted with Fortune 50 companies. He is also considered the inspiration behind retooling corporations to develop human capital. Many of the skill building exercises in this workshop are rooted in Kofman's work.

Out with the Old

You don't have to drop out or sell out to be successful. What is learned in this workshop is transferable in your life. The Working Game is about breaking old habits and routines that no longer work for you. Behind all the tools, you are the tool user. When you participate, you learn how to work more effectively.

You will explore the ways of being and doing that have been successful for you in the past - then you can take a look at adaptations required for success in the future. You discover what it takes to find the balance between taking too little responsibility and taking too much responsibility.

You can learn how to use personal power to achieve, rather than merely control. You can learn the joy of making mistakes, how cooperation overrides competition and, most important, you can learn about yourself and how to be concretely and completely you. The focus is then expanded from you to your business and to your involvement in the larger picture - your place in a global economy.



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